Work for Playmobil 2015 - 2021


Since August 2015 I've been working as general 3D artist for Playmobil. While I was hired as a Unity artist, I initially still helped with the assets for our movies, as well. Though the initial work is the same for both worlds: Collect and convert all CAD data and print-ons/stickers. Assign correct materials and colors. Then do retopos for everything that can be rigged and reduce everything else that is static environment.

A selection of Augmented Reality scenes for the App "Playmobil Scan" (*)

"Playmobil Scan" was our AR App to accompany the physical catalogues. Unfortunately it has be discontinued and  was removed from the App Stores, since.

Playmobil Scan: Playmobil - The Movie / Del's Foodtruck

Playmobil Scan: Top Agents 4

Playmobil Scan: SEK Team (Special Forces)

Playmobil Scan: Mermaids

Playmobil Scan: Back to the Future

Note: The pages will Open in a new window since ArtStation unfortunately currently doesn't support restricted portfolio projects or subpages. None of these projects is secret. They all have been announced and publicly released but I can still only show them restricted this way.

(*) The app has, unfortunately, since been discontinued and removed from most App Stores.


From August 2015 to July 2020 I worked on 29 scenarios in total:

Egypt (Pyramid), Mountain Rescue, Dreamwork's Dragons, Exploration Team (formerly known as "The eXplorers"), Holiday Camp, Football, Ghostbusters 1, Tiny Animal Pension, Cruiseship, Fairy Lightflower Scene, Polar Station, Police Station 2016, Princess Castle, Horse Riding, Heidi, Back to the Future, Playmobil EverdeamerZ, Playmobil Novelmore Castle, Dreamwork's Spirit - Horse Stable, Playmobil: The Movie, Dreamwork's Dragons III, Chrystal Palace, Mars Mission, Top Agents 4.0, Mermaids, Farm 2019, Scooby Doo, Novelmore: Firemine, SEK Truck and Topagents 3

The above are exemplary scenes for the work I did over the course of five years.

For all of the sets I worked on I created at least the low poly 3D assets, textures and materials, imported them into Unity and also created the particle systems. On some I also partially created the animations, on some I even created the rigs (some Maya with mGear and later on Blender with Rigify). Some I did all the art start to finish.


Ghostbusters and Ice Princess Playsets: Pepper's Ghost Effect Scenarios

Playmobil "Playmogram 3D" - all six Ghostbusters ghosts:

Pepper's Ghost Effect, also sometimes referred to as a hologram effect uses the old trick of projecting an image onto a transparent surface to give the illusion of something ghostly floating in the air (or similar effect). Basically the smartphone screen acts as the projector and a small plastic pyramid stands on top. When looking at the plastic surface directly it seems as if a ghost (or ghostly spirit animal) is floating in the air. With a tap on the screen the user could then trap or freeze the figure and free them again.

I was responsible for creating the models, animations, particle systems and the prototype app - just like with the Scan App scenarios. For Ghostbusters I also had the honor of creating original ghosts that we did not have as physical toys. So I prototyped and created the ghosts in ZBrush and took it from there as usual. I created one partially based upon a monster from "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon series, one based upon a ghost from the movie "Ghostbusters II" and one entirely original.
I was told that every ghost created for a Ghostbusters license product becomes part of the official catalogue so I can say (though rather unofficial and unfortunately also very much uncredited): I created a ghost for the official Gostbusters brand. Yeah. So that happened. :D